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At 1500 meters of altitude everything changes

Time lingers in the company of the soft breeze. Silence cleanses our senses and makes us appreciate the beauty in the simplicity of things, the design and the details evidenced by architecture. At the top of the mountain, tranquility carresses the soul and the flavors invade the body. In the Natural Park of Serra da Estrela, comfort is accompanied by the genius and the architecture of Pedro Brígida and the art of Catarina Pinto Leite. The paths designed by the shepherds are today paths that justify wild adventures. That make us explorers of secret places, heritage built in history. At the top of Serra da Estrela there is a House which is a Hotel.

An Inviting Service

In the serenity of the Mountain and in full communion with the surrounding nature, Casa das Penhas Douradas offers you the perfect setting to forget the daily routine.

Your comfort is our greatest commitment. For this we count on the collaboration of a vast team of experienced professionals who will always be at your disposal to provide you the best mountain touristic experience. Welcome to the top of mountain.

We are part of the Mountain

Casa das Penhas Douradas is more than a hotel at the top of Portugal’s most iconic mountains. It is part of it, its landscape, its history and, above all, part of the values ​​of  country’s largest natural reserve, the Serra da Estrela Natural Park.

With local inspirations, the hotel is refurbished with natural materials such as cork and birch wood, and has an architecture made with simple lines and touches of color woven by burel. A magical place to highlight the contrast between the rugged landscape and the subtlety in the details of space.

Casa das Penhas Douradas also comes back to the concept that gave to know the highest mountain range of Portugal, the Expedition of 1881 carried out by Sousa Martins while allied to one of the products that more define the region, the wool. Part of the Burel Mountain Originals group, burel reigns in the hotel’s décor, either through the cladding of some pieces of vintage furniture and some walls, or by being the connection to one of the best examples of industrial tourism in the country, Burel Factory, an ancestral wool mill factory, property of the hotel, that today keeps working with 19th century machines.

The Mountain is part of our Nature

The presence of the Mountain is felt in the fresh air, in the broad horizons, in the absolute silence and in the wild scents brought by the refreshing breeze.

In the Serra da Estrela Natural Park you will find the Casa das Penhas Douradas – Burel Expedition Hotel, a truly unique and special space.

Having a design inspired by local architecture, through the use of natural materials such as cork and birch wood, Casa das Penhas Douradas has environmental concerns aligned with the values of the Natural Park where it is inserted to be more than a simple Mountain Hotel and become a mandatory mountain experience.


It was the year of 2010, in Manteigas, in the heart of Serra da Estrela.

From the top we thought of a special project, unique and sustainable, with a Portuguese soul and feet well settled in the mountain.

A project that aims at valuing the richness of the region and focuses on two themes: the Wool and the Serra da Estrela mountain range. It integrates two hotels, the Casa das Penhas Douradas – Burel Expedition Hotel and the Casa de São Lourenço – Burel Panorama Hotel, as well as a wool mill in the village of Manteigas, the Burel Factory, which still keeps weaving contemporary and colorful pieces using ancestral machines, in addition to its stores in Porto and Lisbon.

There, the Burel Mountain Originals family was born, connected by wool, weaving the future with the threads of the past, valuing a unique, vast and diverse heritage such as Serra da Estrela and the mountain that gave us originality and knowledge .

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