Don’t use the GPS as you probably wont receive the most suitable itineraries for the hotel. Follow these guidelines:

Casa das Penhas Douradas – Burel Expedition Hotel is located in Serra da Estrela, Penhas Douradas, right next to the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Estrela. There is a heliport 50 meters from the hotel.

Penhas Douradas is a small place “above” Manteigas, about 12 km from this village, on the EN 232, which connects Manteigas to Gouveia.




There are two possibilities of reaching the Penhas Douradas: one, through the longest and most panoramic road – EN 232, which is taken at the beginning of the village, next to the Tourist Office, before reaching the Natural Park headquarters; another, shorter, also panoramic, through the Forest Road. To get to the Forest Road take the main street of the village to the left of the gas pumps at the entrance of the village. Follow the main street to St. Peter’s Church and the Bandstand. Then turn right immediately, a cobbled street to climb. You will find at the entrance of this street the signs of Casa das Penhas Douradas. Follow them. If you have any questions, please follow the signs marking Gouveia or Seia. The direction is the same. It is 12 km up the mountain to Penhas Douradas.


Take the road EN 232 towards Manteigas; on the top of the mountain range, before beginning to descend to Manteigas, you will find the deviation on the right to Penhas Douradas.


Take the road EN 339 towards Torre e Covilhã; before reaching the Sabugueiro village you will find, on the left, the road EN 339-1 which will take you to Manteigas, which connects to road EN 232; entering the road EN 232, about 6 km. Ahead, on the top of the mountain range, before beginning to descend to Manteigas, you will find the deviation on the right to Penhas Douradas.


Take the road EN 339, go up to Penhas da Saúde and 3 km ahead, turn right on the road EN 338 towards Manteigas. From Manteigas go up until you reach Penhas Douradas.

If you come from...


Take the highway A1 and exit towards Abrantes and Castelo Branco, entering the the highway A23; on the highway A23 take the exit to Manteigas to Km 192 (it is marked as such) and take the road EN 232 to Manteigas; from the village go up to Penhas Douradas.



Take the highway A1, exit to the highway A25 in the direction of Viseu, following to Mangualde; then take the road EN 232 to Gouveia; don’t enter the city center and continue on the same road towards Manteigas that takes you directly to Penhas Douradas.



Take the road IC2, enter the road IP3, then take the road IC12 until Nelas; in Nelas take road EN 231 to Seia; from Seia climb to the Penhas Douradas.

Travel duration

PORTO - 2H20
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