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Sustainable Commitment


We are committed to the values of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park, to make it last in the time of its memories, in the sustainability that frames us in this watercolor painted by nature. From the materials that made the Casa das Penhas Douradas, to the ingredients used in the restaurant, sustainability is more than an obligation, it is part of our daily lives. We are committed to the Mountain because the Mountain is our Home.

Economic sustainability, social commitment

Our commitment of the region’s valorization and its culture makes imperative to encourage its long-term economic and social development, ensuring its sustainability, generating employment and attracting qualified labor, in order to encourage local and social development. Concretely: we employ locals and train them. We encourage the younger generation that left home looking for better job conditions to return to their home and we promote their settlement. We are promoters of non-desertification in the municipality of Manteigas village. We encourage small producers and local artisans who supply us in different areas, small landowners who house many of our employees. Several collaborators formed a family. And more babies are born again in the village of Manteigas. We believe that true sustainability is measured with these indicators.

It is in the continued commitment to the community through continuous training, incentives for qualified work, education, the transmission of knowledge between generations, that we contribute to the economic and social sustainability of one of the most isolated regions of the country, making it richer, more diverse, more plural and guaranteeing the offer of various services that funnel everyone into the enhancement and discovery of Serra da Estrela, with tourist proposals of added value and a change in the sociocultural paradigm, which guarantee good prospects for the future.

Environmental sustainability, cultural commitment

Casa das Penhas Douradas is perfectly framed in the surrounding landscape. In an architecture that integrates with the landscape. A unique, sustainable project that enhances the Serra da Estrela Natural Park and its relationship with wool and burel.

Burel has a great presence within the space. The fabric covers part of the walls, ensuring energy efficiency in terms of thermal insulation, both from cold and heat. Responsible consumption behaviors of vital resources such as water and electricity are also encouraged.

At the Restaurant, the freshness and seasonality of the mountain is privileged, with the use of ingredients from the region, while at the same time encouraging small economies and local livelihoods.

Recycling is done daily through the Ecocenter and the garden is made up of native species in order to ensure sustainable maintenance.

In technological terms, we highlight the implementation of sustainable processes, with the use of renewable energies and innovative technological solutions in terms of air conditioning, heating of sanitary waters (solar thermal energy), as well as the use of systems aimed at greater energy efficiency (systems low consumption). The hotel has Universal and Tesla car chargers.

Tourism sustainability

Casa das Penhas Douradas enhances one of the Portuguese regions with the greatest tourist potential in the country: the Serra da Estrela Natural Park and all its people.

The intervention during the revitalization of the building was carried out with the aim of recovering a unique heritage of the ingenious interior of Portugal, innovating through the preservation and development of ancestral local knowledge, creating qualified employment in poor territories, placing a region in the interior of Portugal in the world map.

The hotel was designed and oriented towards the concept of “Hotel destination”, distancing itself from the entire offer installed in the region through a specialized, personalized service and offering differentiating facilities in relation to its direct competition, with activities that enhance knowledge of the territory.

The project has the capacity to respond to different customer segments and motivations: the nature tourism segment, the health and well-being segment, leisure segment, cultural/heritage segment, contributing to combat the shortage of tourism in Serra da Estrela, being a key player in attracting tourist flows, adding value and reducing the impact of seasonality.

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